Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Discriminatory Eye

Christmas and the vile human celebrations that are attached to that date, passed.  Life in Whistlegap moved on and Fairy spent time scoping town events to see what child would next benefit from her wisdom.
The prevalence of divorce in this decade allowed for a discriminatory eye.  In other eras, fathers would receive no more than a curious glance while she selected her prize.  Now, she looked them over to see how easy it would be to fake her enchantment with them.
There were so many to choose from!  She sat back on her rocking chair and let her mind picture the children she would enjoy teaching the most.  The first that came to mind was a boy of about fourteen years of age.  He had fair hair with a copper tinge to it.  Fairy hated red heads.  She sighed and shook her head; ‘no, it would be too difficult.  I would be racing towards the final lesson with that one’ she muttered to herself.
With the red headed kid eliminated from selection, she settled on a large boy named Solly.  He was a big boned, plain faced kid with greasy, dandruff mottled hair and smelly clothes.
His father was a rather short, rounded munchkin which would be a problem if not for ease wit and ease of humour.  She may actually enjoy this foray into the role of step mama…

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